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We are passionate about our products as well as our consumers and we believe this reflects within our level of service and high quality of Vegan fox. If you would like to view the full range of products, all you have to do is click here. Alternatively, we are here to provide you with any more information, answer any queries, questions and provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience.


“The cornerstone of GP Laboratories ethos is the patient and their welfare”

Ashok Kumar, Chairman GP Labs

"I have used many oils for dry skin and the Lavender Body Oil works wonders. The product absorbs into your skin fast, leaving you with a lovely glow and smelling great!"

Meera Samani, Marketing at GP Labs

"The Coffee Body Scrub is literally my new favourite bath product! This scrub is amazing! It’s not too harsh so exfoliates nicely without leaving my skin a bit tender as some scrubs do and the oil that’s in there is so good"

Jordan West, PA at GP Labs

"The Grapefruit Bubble Bath is my favourite product by far! Whilst having my bubble bath I felt relaxed, I loved the smell and there were plenty of bubbles! Adding candles with some soft music made it the perfect, enjoyable luxurious experience"

Kim Malhotra, Marketing at GP Labs

"I started using Vegan Fox Hand Cream and my skin feels hydrated and softer, even my nails seem stronger and healthier"

Ira Ferrara, GP Labs

"Vegan Fox drew my attention with the simple clean packaging. The scents are lovely! I used the Moisturizing Hand Cream and it rubs in thoroughly with no greasy feel; it lasts even after washing your hands"

Karen Oatley, BGA